The Greatness . . .

Hello Dreamers, Has God positioned you for GREATNESS?  If this is true, what I’ve learned is on the journey, God will teach you how to identify GREATNESS in others.  It is at that point the weeding out process becomes essential to the journey because not everyone can join or withstand your journey.

Your ability to recognize GREATNESS in others can serve as the rocket fuel that accelerates the realization of your dreams.  However, it is important to understand that if those you see as great can’t recognize the GREATNESS within themselves their time with you may very likely be short lived because they could become detrimental to the journey.

Remember, you’re on an assignment for the Lord and He will not let you fail.  Thus, your journey requires winners with stamina, perseverance, dedication, and endurance.  Les Brown said,

There is GREATNESS within you!

Today, make the decision to function in your GREATNESS.  Today IS a great day dreamers.  Remember to keep one foot in front of the other.  Until next time.


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