LEAD . . .

Leadership Signpost Showing Vision Values Empowerment and Encouragement
To LEAD is to serve

To lead is to serve.  We see this manifest itself in the lives of the greatest leaders that we’ve ever known.

Every human was born a leader, but most of us will die as a follower.

– Dr. Miles Monroe

True leaders work to duplicate themselves by nurturing others, giving them what they want which allows the leader to ultimate obtain what he/she wants.  The true desire of a leader is that those who follow them will someday become a true leader themselves.

The dash between your birthdate and date of death determines how you will be defined.  Will one of the words used to describe you be leader or follower?  Know that you have greatness inside of you which offers you the capacity to LEAD.  You are important to the world.  So dreamer, I challenge you today to discover your purpose, offer your gift to the world serving others, and LEAD the lives that you are meant to nurture until they to LEAD.  Remember to keep one foot in front of the other.


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