Walk It Out . . .

bare foot woman walk outdoor
WALK IT OUT . . . One foot in front of the other

Chasing destiny is a fulfilling, yet, challenging journey.  Some days are filled with heart throbbing enjoyment, while other days you are met with disappointment and your heart is discouraged.  What I’ve learned dreamer is that no matter the level of discouragement you feel or the amount of excitement you experience the journey only requires that you WALK IT OUT.  The word journey is defined as

“An act of traveling from one place to another.”

Travel happens in many forms; driving, walking, biking, running, etc.  As a result, it is important that you remember that some days you will run, some days you will drive, but there will also be those days in which the best thing you can do is WALK IT OUT.  Remember it is important that each day you do the thing.  Each day placing one foot in from of the other with the intent of moving closer to your dreams and aspirations.  Keep moving dreams!


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