Just A Little Something . . .

Hey Dreamers,

What do you think when you hear mustard seed?  Many times we think of the mustard seed when considering the amount of faith required to move mountains in our lives.  Some think of its very little size and fragile state.  Today, I offer you another thought.

“A mustard seed, or any seed for that matter, must end its career as a seed before something can come of it.  It must, that is, go all the way into death” (Capon, 2002, p. 261).

The next time you think of the mustard seed, rather than seeing it as a minimum requirement, see it as a stepping stone to the change in you.  Once an apple seed is no longer a seed it becomes a tree with an abundant amount of seeds.  The strength of the apple tree is thousands of times stronger than that of the seed.  Mustard seed faith is only the beginning.  Weather the storm, which is the cultivation period that can only lead you to gain the strength of the tree planted by rivers of flowing water.  And along the way, watch life’s beautiful flowers blossom.

Be encouraged dreamers.  Keep one foot in front of the other.  The best is yet to come.


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