Check Your Pockets . . .


Portrait of a confident businessman standing on gray background
Check your pocket


Hello Dreamers,

I know.  I know.  It’s been a while.  I’ve expanded my business and boy does it require a lot.  Expanding your business or starting a new business is like having a baby.  It needs most of your time and attention until it is mature enough to sustain without as much support.  Sooooooo, my posts may be sporadic to say the least, but I will always share the goodness along the way.  Here it goes.

I’m reading a new book and here’s a little goodness for you.

You cannot receive the help I have already delivered to you because you choose not to trust my assurance that you already have it.  I wish we could do business, Jesus says; and as a matter of fact, I have gone ahead and done all the business that needs doing.  But as long as you keep yourself out there in the dark, my doing of it might just as well never have happened: I have put a billion-dollar deal in your left hip pocket and you won’t even move your hand to check it out. – Robert Farrar Capon, 2002, p. 368

What’s in your pocket?


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