Fear Uninvited


As I watched this video I was reminded of how intrusive fear can be.  This doesn’t mean that we’ll be absent of fear at any point.  However, it does mean that you learn to harness the energy that fear brings to propel you toward your purpose.  It also means that pushing forward toward your purpose will require that you overcome fear imposed on you by others.

Notice in the video the man in the suit.  His fear has caused him to literally become an obstacle, not only for the lady but the men who are running alongside her.  Oftentimes, we are aware of our personal fears and others have no issue with making us aware of their fears.  However, it is our response to them that is most important.  Remember that those who become obstacles where in a healthy and happy place in their life, would probably cheer you on in the race.  Nevertheless, at this point, they don’t possess the capacity to do so.  Therefore, respond with compassion and understanding.  Minimize the expectation with the understanding that unhappiness is all encompassing.  Remember how you felt prior to finding the path to your purpose.  Purpose unfulfilled becomes an eternal flame that burns in us each day.  The burn is uncomfortable and intense when purpose is not pursued.  The sting of that burn impacts every area of one’s life.  But never give up, because you have an ever-present help.  Notice the response of those around her when attacked by the man in the suit.  Remember that EVERYTHING you need is nearby awaiting the right time to be used.  Dream on dreamers and remember to keep one foot in front of the other.



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