2 Ears and 1 Mouth


Today I lost a teacher.  She was so full of wisdom that was evident if you took the time to open your 2 EARS and close your 1 MOUTH.  Time spent with her was stimulating, encouraging, challenging, and fulfilling.  But it required knowing how to properly use your 2 EARS AND 1 MOUTH.  Eager to teach and even more so to learn she would ensure that if ever in her presence she left you a little wiser.

Often times, we forget that our elders have lived  this life a lot longer than we have.  Their life experiences have shaped their way of being and offered them an education we can only hope to receive.  I understood her strength.  I witnessed her thirst for knowledge.  I experienced her passion for teaching.  She feed so many of us and so in honor of her I will teach.  I will learn.  I will seek knowledge and pour it into those who share my space.

When you think about the times that you correctly utilized your 2 EARS AND 1 MOUTH what did you learn and who did you learn it from?  What impact did they make in your life?  If you can’t answer these questions, I challenge you to ask an elder about the proper way to use 2 EARS AND 1 MOUTH.  I guarantee what they offer will feed your soul.

In loving memory of Grandma Scott


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