Slow Down to Speed Up

Being a dreamer means the constant desire to move forward, go faster, produce more.  But, at some point growth will require that you SLOW DOWN TO SPEED UP.  Discovering your purpose and chasing your dreams makes you want to jump right in and go to work.  Design your first shirt, paint and sell your first portrait, build your first house, etc.  You get your first client and you’re on a roll.  Then, something happens and all is quite.  Creativity slows, clients are few and far between, and you begin to question your dreams and purpose.  This is a sure sign that it’s time to SLOW DOWN TO SPEED UP.

SLOW DOWN and define exactly what your dream looks like. SLOW DOWN and determine what gifts and talents offer you the most satisfaction. SLOW DOWN and develop a plan to move forward.  This will give you the road map to success that is necessary to be counted in the 5% of small businesses that survive.  Create a solid foundation and then SPEED UP moving towards your dream while remembering to make adjustments along the way.  Like any good road trip, dreams and purpose require you to periodically SLOW DOWN TO SPEED UP!  What stage of your dreams are you in?  Slow down or speed up?


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