Adding Up the Cost

scales-art-1153054In conversation with a friend today, we spoke about ambition, dreams, purpose, vision, understanding, and the desire to positively impact our community.  We discussed the difference between being and living.  At some point, it dawned on us that more of us exist rather than live.  ADDING UP THE COST of working each day without fulfilling one’s life work proved to weigh more than the struggles associated with walking in your purpose.  We also realized the joy brought on by the journey far outweighs its troubles.

These revelations reminded me that it’s important to ADD UP THE COST daily.  Take time to consider where you’ve been and where you are.  Take time to reflect on how you’ve managed to get this far.  Take the time to meditate on where you want to go ADDING UP THE COST to ensure success on your road to destiny, while considering the cost of the choice to walk away from destiny to pursue an existence.  Share with me what happened when you took the time to add up the cost.


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