Play on Player!

Today marks the fifth day on my journey to regain my ability to play.  You may ask why this is important.  Rather than answer, I’ll share my experience.  Today I’ve been blessed to spend the day with my great nephew.  At intermittent times throughout the day we played kick ball, we danced, we watched Disney movies, laughed, and took a stroll through the neighborhood.  During these times, we were joined by my grandmother, mother, stepdad, and nieces.  My play day became a family affair.  Why am I sharing this?  Well, it’s what caused me to paused that was significant.

At one point I paused because I had a moment of deja vu.  However, that experience caused me to take note of the level of creativity that I was experiencing.  I realized that these sporadic moments of play improved my productivity and caused my creative ability to improve.  The work I produced today was not just good, it was great.  It would seem as if sporadic moments of play would minimize the amount of work I was able to produce.  It was the exact opposite.  I completed more tasks and greater quality work.  So today I challenge you to LET THE PLAY BEGIN!  Play, dance, sing, enjoy the experience.  Take the 5 by 5 challenge – 5 minutes, 5 times a day in some state of play.  Do this for 5 days and share with me how it impacts your life.  LET THE PLAY BEGIN!


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