Let It Go . . .

woman with falling rose petals

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that require us to make an adjustment.  To help us along in our journey, here’s a list of four things that I say we should learn to just LET IT GO . . .

  1. Yesterday – LET IT GO . . . Yesterday is valuable.  It offers great lessons, joyful memories, experience, and wisdom.  To these I say, LET IT GO . . .  Let them continue to go on living in your life.  Use the lessons learned, great memories, experience, and wisdom to guide you on today’s journey.  Use them to fuel your passion each day.  Share them with others in an effort to encourage them to continue to grow.
  2. Imagination – LET IT GO . . .  Allow your imagination to run wild.  Keep track of your ideas allowing the genius within you to flourish.  Use those ideas as a catalyst to help you develop things that are usable in your everyday life.
  3. Yesterday (oh did I already say that???) – LET IT GO . . . Some memories of yesterday have the potential to bring about sorrow, discomfort, anger, hurt, and pain.  It is this yesterday that we should learn to just LET IT GO . . .  This yesterday requires the use of today’s valuable energy.  Each day that we are blessed to experience offers us the unique opportunity to determine how we’ll spend the energy we’ve been given.  So use it wisely.  Use it to move past the fear, rejection, hurt, and pain.  Share it with someone who is experiencing similar situations to help them understand that they are not alone in their experience.
  4. Negativity – LET IT GO . . . Negative energy is draining, while positive energy offers life.  Be conscious of the energy you bring into others space.  On the other hand, be aware of the energy that you allow others to bring into your space.  Eric Thomas speaks about building a winners circle.  These are people who drive you to move forward.  They offer you what is necessary to refuel, refill, and revitalize yourself in order to function at maximum capacity.

What are some things you think we should just LET GO?


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