Not Everyone Can Go



A life lived in your purpose, on purpose, and with a purpose means seizing each day.  It requires that you focus all or most of your energy on the end result.  It is pertinent that you maximize the use of your time and energy.  Sometimes this requires you to be selective about who and what you yield your time to.  This could also mean distancing yourself from some family and friends.  Not because you don’t want to spend time with them, but because surrounding yourself with positive, supportive, purpose driven individuals will be essential to your survival.

Often times it is our hearts desire to bring those we love along with us on the journey.  However, it will be important to determine if those on the journey are simply riding in the wagon or outside of the wagon helping to push it up the hill to success.  This means, evaluating relationships to see if they offer positive energy, encouragement, and the push that’s required on the days that you need a reason to keep moving.  Remember that NOT EVERYONE CAN GO.  In addition, some of those who join you on the journey are only there for a season.  So seize every moment and every experience.  Protect you dreams!


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