Fruitful Multiplicity

Female in the garden
The Sowing of Seed

Fruitful and multiply . . .

To be fruitful means to producing good or helpful results; productive.

To multiply means to increase or cause to increase greatly in number or quantity.

The gift of today was given to us with the expectation that we are fruitful and we multiply.  When you consider a seed when planted, there is an expectation that it will yield more than just one apple.  There is also an expectation that it will produce a tree that will yield good fruit.  It is important that we understand that everything we do and say is a seed and no matter whether the seed is good or bad, it will multiply.  Even bad seeds yield some fruit.

So, considering the work of your hands and the words that flowed from your lips today, how often did you plant good seed?  Did you offer encouraging words?  Did you offer a compliment?  Did you complete one task that will move you closer to your dreams?  Were your private thoughts and conversations with yourself encouraging or discouraging?

All of these are seeds that will grow and yield fruit.  As you move about the rest of your day and receive your new gift of time upon waking tomorrow work to be conscious of the seeds that you sow. Make a conscious attempt to sow at least one good seed each day.  This will guarantee the return of an increase greater in number.  Share with me how you’re being fruitful and multiplying.


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