When Life Gives You Lemons…

This kid is so funny. He is addressing college students, but his tips are practical and useful. I recently had a conversation about these same things with my life coach. I suggest that we put some or all of these tips into action. I am joining a new group this evening and next weekend I’m hanging with the ladies. Tell me which tips you plan to exercise. Enjoy!


Turn them into limes and find some tequila.

College is a bunch of fun, trust me, but I swear sometimes class is just too much to deal with. This constantly forcing information into your brain gets exhausting and just plain boring, that’s why when life gives you lemons, you skip class and make some bomb-ass hard lemonade. I personally love going to class, but sometimes you just need to chill. Like really just stop. I’m going to be completely honest, at this exact moment, I’m sitting in my nutrition class, writing this post while watching a movie and texting because I #needabreak. Here a few tips on staying healthy and energized while in college!

  1. Free Campus Fitness  Classes
    1. I personally love the free classes we have here at Michigan State. Free Zumba, Yoga, and Kick-Boxing classes in the IM buildings and some residence halls. These classes are usually an hour and are…

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