Today I Cried


Today I realized that God has really entrusted me with a leading role in His will.  He has gifted me with a purpose and selected me as the only being to fulfill this mission.  When you think about the grand idea of being single-handedly selected for something so important it can be overwhelming.  So TODAY I CRIED.

This journey can sometimes feel as if what you’re doing lacks importance.  The days spent completing the little task, making phone calls, responding to emails, posting to social media, etc. can feel insignificant.  This can sometimes leave you feeling like there has to be more to do.  Then you get a response from a reader or a member of the audience when you delivered a speech to a group of teens and it all begins to make sense again and the response becomes TODAY I CRIED.

I cry because my gift has been regifted and in the process turned into healing, inspiration, empowerment, motivation, or the spark that propelled a dreamer into a life dedicated to moving in their purpose and regifting their gift.  The greatest thing is we all have a gift.  It has been with us since our conception.  Find that thing that makes you cry when you realize how it impacts the lives of others and celebrate those who are freely giving their gift.

Thank you to some of the dreamers I know who are unselfishly sharing their gifts.

Do you know any dreamers who are blessing the world with their gift.  Tell us about them.

God has invested a great deal in you, and for all the Creator has put in you, there is only one thing God wants to know: “What will you do with what I gave you?” – T.D. Jakes, Destiny


3 thoughts on “Today I Cried

    1. You are welcomed and thank you for sharing your gift with the world. T.D. Jakes says, “Your work is your prayer.” I believe in those moments we truly embrace that statement. Keep up the good work.


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