Pressure is defined as a force that compels.  Ummmmmmmm.  Take a moment to rest in that thought.

Pressure is compelling.  It can compel you to move forward, backwards, or stand steal.  The choice is yours.  Each day brings its own level of pressure.  How did you decide to deal with the pressure today?  One day, three years ago, my pressure was so intense that it compelled me to step away from my corporate job and strike out on my own as a business owner and entrepreneur.  Today’s pressure causes me to work tirelessly to make my dreams reality, continue to be a living, breathing, failing, succeeding, triumphant example to others that the dream is possible if you are compelled to do the work necessary to see it come to pass.

However, we must remember that the pressure is compelling and sometimes causes the feeling that you are alone, broke, and unsuccessful.  Therefore, we must stay focused on the end result.  I must be rooted and planted in determination ensuring that my being compelled moves me closer to my destiny.  So you see, there are many pressures but only one person gets to decide how you’re compelled by it and that’s you.  Don’t give in to the pressure.  Harness it and use it as energy to thrust you towards your destiny.


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