Winners Win

Working to keep my physical body in shape, I listened to Eric Thomas the Hip Hop Preacher (@EricThomasbtc) to keep my mind in shape.  As I listened between breaths, I heard him say, “Winners Win.”  The more I heard him say it, the harder I pressed.  In between sets, I stopped to think about what he said, WINNERS WIN!  Why is that?  Well, I think, once again, T.D. Jakes (@BishopJakes) says it right, “No matter how much you say, “This is it,” your spirit is telling you, “Keep searching.”  The life we are destined to live calls to us, and our spirits turn toward it.

The spirit of a winner doesn’t recognize or acknowledge the behavior or characteristics of a loser.  The mere fact that one possesses a winning spirit eliminates the possibility of possessing the characteristics of one with a losing spirit.

My next thought was, “How is it that winners continue to win?”  Once again, Mr. Thomas offered another nugget of goodness when he stated, “create a winning culture . . . [and] build a winner’s circle.”  It’s important that we feed the winner in us.  The Miami Heat understood this so they built their team around D. Wade, LeBron, and Bosch.  Genius!  My winners circle is strong and growing stronger each day.  My circle includes my son, my business partner, my life coach, and two of my closest girlfriends.  Together, we force success to the surface.  Do you have a winner’s circle?  Tell me about them.  Tell me about your latest win.


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