Limitless Goodness

As a child, I would always say “I hate reading.”  I carried this with me through college.  I mastered the craft of skimming passages to gain the information needed in order to complete my assignments.  Then at 22 years of age, my oldest sister gave me a book during a trip to visit her one holiday season.  I began reading the back cover of the book the night before we were to get on the highway to drive from Texas to Michigan.  As the 5:30 am alarm rang the next morning I was surprised to find that I had been up reading all night.  I fell in love with reading and that love affair is still raging on.  I share this story for two reasons,

  1. Be careful when placing limits on your life. For years I didn’t read because of a limitation I placed on myself as a child who was unaware of the limitless goodness that books hold
  2. As I examine my life more and more, I’ve come to realize that the childish me still limits my every day. But “When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child.  When I became a man (women), I gave up childish ways.” (1 Corinthians 13:11)

Today I challenge you to examine your life to see if the childish you still limits your everyday.  Maybe your childhood limit is eating blue stuff or black-eyed peas or something as scary as speaking in public.  Maybe you’re like me and have a fear of heights.  In my effort to become limitless my bucket list includes skydiving (I’ll share pictures).  WHO’S WITH ME????  Share your limitation and tell me how you plan to become limitless.

P.S.  As my love affair with books continues I read two books a month.  Because I now understand and appreciate the limitless goodness in books I will begin to share some of it with you.  Here’s the first drop of goodness.  Enjoy!

“Led by instinct as you pursue purpose, you will discover the why of your life, and then you will know that fulfillment of Destiny is the greatest kind of success you can ever hope to attain.” – T.D. Jakes, Destiny: Step into Your Purpose



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